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By Miguel de Icaza  September 13, 2017 ,

We’ve just updated our iOS 11 support to go along with the Xcode 9 GM Seed release. You can use this build along with the Xcode 9 GM to submit applications that take advantage of the new features in iOS 11, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4 to the Apple AppStore. We also have awesome new sample documentation for iOS 11 features!

Getting Started with iOS 11

Visit our Getting Started with iOS 11 guide to stay up-to-date on installation details, samples and the latest information on what’s new. Here is what you’ll need:

iPhone and iPad showing iOS 11

Augment your apps with iOS 11

iOS 11 brings some exciting new features to the platform. We’ve created a new section in our documentation for iOS 11 to make it as easy as possible to integrate those features into your apps. To get started, visit the Xamarin Developer Center and check out our iOS 11 Samples and Introduction to iOS 11. Here are some of the exciting new samples that are available:

  • ARKit – Create next-generation apps using the camera on the device to augment the world around you.
  • CoreML – Analyze problems directly on the device with new Machine Learning APIs available with CoreML.
  • Drag and Drop – Discover new ways to move images and more across your app or into another app.
  • MapKit – Improvements include a new compass view and easier ways to render custom overlays.
  • SiriKit – SiriKit now has additional intents for Payments, new support for lists, notes and more.
  • Vision – New image processing techniques directly in your apps including face and feature detection for images and videos.

Be sure to follow along with the Xamarin Release Blog for up-to-date information about known issues and other release notes.

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